Where Did I Go??

December 16, 2009

Sorry, it has been a little while since my last review. Oh, I have drunk some beer in the course of this short break.  I will be back very soon with more reviews. Life has gotten in the way with Thanksgiving and then celebrating my son’s first birthday, brother’s wedding, and soon Christmas.  Most recently, I had  discovered a mass and quickly made an appointment with my doctor, once he viewed it (about 30 seconds) he told me to cancel my plans for the day and I was going to meet with a general surgeon that same afternoon.  I am freaking out at this point. I asked what it could possibly be and the doctor says it’s a possible hernia and needs to be taken care of now. I had to meet with the surgeon about an hour later and when I see him I end up more confused and afraid.  The surgeon takes a look and gives me this hmmmmm and interesting and confusing. Confusing to me means uh oh!   He could not determine what was going on and said I needed a MRI to better understand what was going on. I went to get my MRI (super loud) and picked up my film the same day.  I looked at it and could not see a damn thing maybe because I’m not a doctor, all I could see was my spine and some hip bone.  Two days after my MRI I called the radiologists and picked up my results…did not understand doctor lingo, so I called the general surgeon and with his hard to understand accent I find out that it appears that I might have a swollen lymph node or scar tissue from an injury.  As of today 12-16-09 I still do not quite understand what it is that happened. All I know is that it is going down which is good.  I am ready to crack open a bottle and review.


November 4, 2009

Spaten Ur Marzen Oktoberfest, simply one of my favorite Oktoberfest styles. A rich maple/amber  color, sweet with a nice  roasted malty finish. Has a very slight bitterness, but mostly sweet. This beer has an ABV of 5.9%. I would highly reccomened this beer. Brewed in 1872, this was the first Oktoberfest beer. I had a pint over at EPCOT in the Germany Pavillion where it’s always Oktoberfest. When I got home my wife and I wanted more and so, I found this beer at a local beer and wine store, but I have seen it at some grocery stores thanks to Inbev. So, pour a bottle or two and Oans, zwoa, g’suffa! (one, two, drink)

spaten okt



October 24, 2009

Stone Brewery’s Epic 09/09/09 each of these beers are designed to be enjoyed sometime after 12/12/12. I cannot wait that long, so tonight we are cracking open a bottle. A very dark pour .  For anyone out there that wants to experience a beer like not other; this is the one.  It combines the complexity of a chocolate stout with the smoothness of a porter. Go and pick one up and see if you can wait until 12/12/12. 



Bud Light Golden What??

October 16, 2009

 Bud Light Golden What…Wheat?? True, Bud light introduced its second extension of the Bud Light brand. So, I went to the local Publix (grocery store) and picked up a six pack to give it a try. Mrs.SweetT was excited about trying this one because she is a big wheat beer fan. So, we opened it together and gazed deep into each others eyes and…wait! Sorry.  The color is a cloudy orange, traditional for wheats. The aroma is actually pretty good, orangey with some spices.  The taste is surprisingly not too bad either, slightly sweet and  hints of the orange peel and coriander, but cannot seem to get by the light beer taste.  To me it tastes likes a light beer with orange flavoring. The ABV is 4.1%. My wife did not like it , she prefers Paulaner.

bud wheat

I would give it a try and see what you think, for me I will finish the 6er and if it comes along again at a gathering I would not turn it down, but I think of a few other wheat beers that I would prefer over Bud Light Golden Wheat. Nice try Bud InBev! It’s probably best to leave craft beer to the craft brewers out there.


Black and Blue

October 13, 2009

    Black and BlueTonight I am trying a bottle that I have heard great things about for many months now. This is a 2008 bottle of Dogfish Head Black and Blue. This Belgian style ale is made with over 300 lbs of fresh blackberries and blueberries and packs quite a punch with 10 % ABV. The aroma is fruity, definitely smell the different berries. The taste is amazing and I cannot detect the alcohol. Fruity and refreshing. Seems the blackberry dominates over the blueberry. Very good beer to sit back and relax with.  Pairs very well with chocolate, preferably chocolate cake.  Black and Blue comes in a 1 pint 9.6 oz bottle and though the price is more like the price of a good six pack, it is worth it.  Go out and pick yourself up a bottle.


Bananas Over Beer!

October 7, 2009

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen, a hazy golden beer brewed using the traditional Bavarian open fermentation to give is unique flavors. With a nice 4.8% ABV with hints of banana and clove. A good beer that you could drink in the spring and the fall, it’s no wonder Sierra Nevada included this beer as part of their year round collections. Now, before you crack open this bottle and start sipping from the bottle you have to drink this beer correctly and here is how you do it. First, get yourself a nice clean glass. Next, open the bottle and pour about two-thirds of the bottle into the glass. Finally, take the bottle and swirl the remains and pour the rest and enjoy! This beer can be found just about any grocery or beer store. Worth a try!